Home interior design trends in the Scandinavian style are still in great demand in the world of interior design. Not surprisingly, until now there are still a lot of furniture that also uses the Scandinavian design style.

Scandinavian interior design has characteristics that are function, efficiency, simple appearance and environmentally friendly. Its environmentally friendly nature is increasingly in demand after the issue of global warming.

Talking about Scandinavian design, one of the main characteristics of Scandinavian furniture is the material made of wood. Not just any wood that has no fiber and is unattractive. Scandinavian furniture is usually made of solid wood which has excellent durability. Several types of wood that are usually used for making Scandinavian-style furniture are pine, teak, merbau, ash, ironwood, and rosewood.

One type of wood that is highly recommended is teak. Why teak? Three words to answer this question, namely durable, strong and beautiful. These three things are characteristic of teak wood that other woods don’t have. Indoor teak furniture can not only last for years, because teak furniture has been proven to last for decades.

Many people have expressed satisfaction using indoor teak furniture because it is in good condition even though it has been used for decades. The basic colors of teak wood such as light brown, dark red brown to gray brown give a unique appearance which is also an added value to the beauty of the finished teak furniture.

The warm color of teak furniture also fits perfectly with the Scandinavian design which emphasizes a warm atmosphere in the room. Furniture made of teak wood does have a relatively high price compared to other types of furniture made from wood, but it is very comparable to its very good quality.

That’s a brief explanation regarding Scandinavian design and indoor teak furniture that is very good as a complement to Scandinavian design. Hopefully it can help you in getting the right inspiration for the home design style you want.