Best Time to Do Komodo Island Shore Tours

Indonesia is a large country with hundreds of Islands spread around the country. Flores and Komodo NationalPark are groups of islands which is located in the eastern part. These islands offer amazing nature, culture, and famous wildlife, Komodo Dragons. Komodo island tours accommodate all types of trips to the National Park.

Tours to Komodo Island can be start from Labuan Bajo, Bali and Lombok. You can choose to go on private or shared Komodo Island tour packages. These tour packages will allow you to see the beautiful nature, beaches, and Komodo Dragons.

The natural beauty makes Komodo National Park become one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Indonesia. You will enjoy hiking for spectacular views on Padar Island, Gili Lawa, Kanawa Island, and Rinca Island. For most scenic views, try to visit at the best time when sunrise and sunset. Join the Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo to see more beautiful places.

Take a tour around Flores and meet the beautiful nature and culture. Flores island offers a variety of cultures with many small tribes spread around the island. Visit Wae Rebo village with the combination of Flores and Komodo island tours will allow you to see closely the beautiful cultures.

Komodo Dragons are the main attraction to see on Komodo island tour packages. The Komodo Dragons are wild and the world’s largest lizard with a length of approximately 3 meters. You will face to face with this wildlife on Komodo Island and Rinca Island.

When is the best time to do Komodo Dragons Islands Tours?

There are two seasons in Indonesia. The first is the rainy season and the second is the dry season. The rainy season is coming from October to March every year. Meanwhile, the dry season is coming from April to September every year.

Most islands on Komodo National Park will look dry and hot when it’s the dry season. And it is green during the rainy season. Prefer to join the Komodo island boat tours from Labuan Bajo at the recommended time to visit.

Most of the visitors will plan the Komodo Island shore tours during the dry season. It is because they are easy to do activities in the park. Meanwhile, during the rainy season not so many are vising the National Park of Komodo. It is because, during the rainy season, the weather is coming bad, rough, and heavy raining.

So for your safety Komodo island cruise tour, it is very recommended to visit during the dry season. However, you can also visit the park sometimes during the rainy season. You can try to go in November and December. During these months have very good visibility to do diving.

The best place to start best Komodo Island Tours

If you decided to visit the Komodo, you should find out the places to start your Komodo island day tours or overnight. The following are some best-recommended places to start your trip to Komodo Island:

  1. Bali is one of the recommended places to start your Komodo sailing tours. The schedules of tours to Komodo from Bali are two times a week. You will have to join Komodo island tours from Bali for 7 days and 6 nights.
  2. Lombok is an island in the east of Bali. The island is perfect for those who looking for leisure tours. The Komodo island tours from Lombok are operated three times a week. These sailing Komodo island tours are based on shared or group tour packages. You will go on a maximum of 40 people on the Phinisi boat from Bangsal.
  3. Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to enter Komodo National Park. This town is a close place to the Park. All you need to do is you have to fly from Balo or Jakarta to Labuan Bajo and join the Komodo island boat tours. This is the most preferred place to start your Komodo island luxury tours.

Those are the best places to start your Komodo boat tours. For more information, booking, and check seat availability, you can visit the Komodo Island tours agency in Labuan Bajo.

Recommended Places to Visit in Komodo National Park

For your perfect Komodo tour, the following are best-recommended places to visit:

  • Padar Island is one of the largest islands in Komodo National Park. The island offers spectacular views with amazing. You will have to trek to the top to find great views. The best time to visit the island is when sunrise and sunset.
  • Komodo Island is an island where the Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. There are over 2000 Komodo Dragons found on the island. You will have to hike for two hours to explore the island and find the Dragons.
  • Pink Beach is one of the best places to visit. It is a famous beach with pink sand beach, crystal clear water, and rich underwater marine life. Join the Komodo island pink beach tour for a great day activity in Labuan Bajo.
  • Manta Point is the place where you can see the schools of Manta Rays. You can snorkel and swim in this place. Besides Manta Rays, you will also find beautiful corals and a variety of fish. In the same area as Manta Point, you can enjoy a beach walk at Taka Makasar, which is a white sand bar.
  • Kanawa Island is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful sea views. You can also enjoy snorkeling and relax on the white sand beach on this island.
  • Rinca Island is an island where over 3000 Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. You will trek for two hours to the top for great views and find Komodo Dragons.
  • Manajrite Beach offers amazing underwater marine life. There you can see beautiful coral gardens, a lot of fish, and beautiful white-sand beaches. It is one of the best spots to do snorkeling in Komodo National Park.
  • Gili Lawa Island is the best place to enjoy the spectacular sunset on the island. Hike to the top for great views of the islands around.
  • Kalong Island is famous for thousands of bats flying over the island in the afternoon. You will enjoy watching them fly from the boat when sunset.

The Komodo island private tours will allow you to explore your own schedules and manage the places to visit by yourself. Otherwise, you can also join a shared Komodo island tour with other participants in a group of a maximum of 40 people.