Flores Island Tour Package Indonesia

The Flores Island tour package in Indonesia is the name of this tour package. This is one of the best tour packages offered by Komodo Tour to take travelers deeper and close to nature and culture. It starts from Maumere or Ende in the east of Flores Island.

This tour package includes visiting Kelimutu Three colored lakes, Riung seventeen islands, Bajawa culture, and Ruteng with Flores Hobbit cave. You will also visit the unique traditional village of Wae Rebo. These are also great combination tour packages to Komodo National Park.

With a Flores Island tour package, you will experience the undeveloped island. On this island, you will meet charming local people,  pure nature, and unique traditions or cultures. On these 9 days exploring Flores and  Komodo.

9 Days Flores Island Tour Package Indonesia

This Flores tour package will start from Maumere or Ende. And it will explore Bajawa, Ruteng, and then Komodo National Park.

On the first day of your Flores island tour package, you will visit Koka Beach and Moni village. You will stay overnight in Moni Lodge. Koka Beach is one of the beautiful beaches located in Maumere.

On the second day of your Flores Komodo tour, you will trek Kelimutu National Park. Enjoy the sunrise and the amazing three-colored lakes. After that, you will continue to visit Bena Village in Bajawa and the hot spring.

You will continue your Flores trip from Bajawa to Riung on the third day. And then you will stay in Riung. The next day you will be exploring the seventeen island Riung.  After visiting the 17 Island of Riung, you will back to Bajawa and then continue to Ruteng.

The Flores tour will continue to explore Ruteng. On day 4, you will visit Rana Mese Lake and Aimere for a traditional drink called Moke. You will see the process of producing the Moke. After that, the trip will continue to visit Ruteng Pu’u Village.

On Day Five, you will visit the Flores Hobbit at Liang Bua close to Ruteng. After visiting Lian Bua, you will continue to Cancar Village. You will enjoy the spectacular view of Spider Rice Field. The next is you will continue your Flores Island tour to Lembor, along the way in Lembor you will find a beautiful view of the rice fields.

Arrive in Labuan Bajo, and you will overnight. The next day you will continue to visit Kelor, Manjarite, and Kalong Island. Enjoy the sunset on Kalong Island while watching the bats flying over the island. On this day on your Flores tour itinerary, you will overnight on the boat at Kalong Island.

The day seven of your Flores tour package, you will continue to Visit Rinca Island to see Komodo dragons and the beautiful view from the top of the island. After that, you will continue to Padar Island, trekking for a spectacular view. The next to visit is Long Pink Beach.

Day 8, you will visit Manta Point and Taka Makasar. Enjoy snorkeling with Manta Rays and colorful fish. You will also enjoy the beach walk at the Taka Makasa sand bar. Snorkeling is also possible to do here.

On day nine you will visit Kanwa Island and then back to Labuan Bajo. You will have free hotel or airport transfers to Labuan Bajo. The tour finishes at about 11.30 am in Labuan Bajo.

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The Other Best Flores Tour Packages to Book

For your best experience exploring Flores Island, on this page, you will also find some of the best tours to Flores Island. Some of the tour packages also combine Komodo Flores tour packages. if you plan to visit the island, you may try to book one of these tour packages.

2 days 1-night Wae Rebo village tour. This tour package will allow you to visit the authentic village of Wae Rebo in Manggarai, West Flores Island. You will stay overnight in the traditional village of Wae Rebo and experience the local life.

3 days 2 night Kelimutu volcano lakes tour package. This Flores tour package starts from Maumere and will end in Bajawa. You will enjoy trekking and sunrise at Kelimutu Lake and experience the culture and traditional houses of Bajawa in Flores.

7 Day and 6 nights Flores Komodo tour package. This tour will allow you to experience the visit from Maumere to Labuan Bajo in West Flores. You will start this Flores tour package from Maumere and will end in Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo.

Half-day Goa Rangko cave tour package from Labuan Bajo. This is one of the best city tours in Flores to book. You will visit the famous Goa Rangko cave and experience swimming in the natural pool inside the cave. On this tour, you will also enjoy a spectacular view from Bukit Sylvia at Labuan Bajo.

For more tour information in Flores, you can visit the page Flores Island tour package Indonesia. There are various tours you can book. You will also find some tours to Sumba and a dive package to Komodo Island.

Best Time to Visit Flores Island

Indonesia has two seasons in a year; the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is coming from October to March. Meanwhile, the dry season comes from April to September.

Flores Island Indonesia is surrounded by rainforests. Some of the places are cold like Ruteng and Bajawa. During the rainy season, Flores is not easy to reach each place to visit. Therefore, the best time to visit the island is during the dry season.

However, during the rainy season, some places are also able to visit. You can still visit Lingko Lodok or Spider rice fields in West Flores. This place is located about 4 hours from Labuan Bajo. Other options you can visit during the rainy season are Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park.

Komodo National Park is under the control of Flores Island’s local government. It is the most popular destination for every world traveler to visit. On this tour package arrangement, you can combine the Flores Island tours with a Komodo National Park tour package. You will enjoy the whole thing in one go trip from Flores to Komodo Island.